Everything You Need to Know About Converting Your Legacy R:BASE Databases and Applications!

Schedule and Locations:

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Cost Per Attendee: $895.00

Training Style: Lecture (all attendees should bring notebook computers)

Days: 2

Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

For reservations, please call 1+724.733.0053 or send an email to rbasetraining@rbase.com

Who Should Attend?
This very unique training includes two days of hands-on, step-by-step sessions for those who are converting their legacy DOS and/or 6.x databases to R:BASE X/X Enterprise. The sessions are geared towards users who are about to begin and those who are already in the process of a conversion.

Topics Covered Include:
  • Preparing Legacy R:BASE for DOS or 6.x for Windows Database for Conversion
  • Preparing Legacy R:BASE for DOS or 6.x for Windows Applications for Conversion
  • Installing and Setting Up R:BASE eXtreme 9.5 (32/64) Development Environment
  • Customizing R:BASE Settings
  • Converting Database
  • Converting Forms
  • Converting Reports
  • Converting Labels
  • Converting Applications (.APP)
  • Understanding Database Explorer
  • Understanding and
  • Enhancing Converted Forms
  • Enhancing Converted Reports
  • Enhancing Converted Labels
  • Enhancing Converted Applications
  • Converting and Enhancing Obsolete and Non-Supported Legacy Commands
  • Considering Alternate Options for Your Applications Main Menu
  • Taking Advantage of New and Enhanced Tools and Controls
  • Understanding R:BASE ODBC and Oterro Connectivity
  • Making Your Database and Applications ODBC Compliant
  • Understanding R:BASE Gateway Import and Export Options
  • Understanding Report Outputs
  • Know the Secrets of the Conversion
  • Un-Documented Features, Tools, and Commands
The end result database will be fully compatible with MS Win 7 (64) Pro, Win 8 Pro, and Windows Server 2012 network environments.